Music and Fine Arts

The Rehoboth Music and Fine Arts department uses diverse worship experiences  to meet the need of our worshipers. We include music, drama, and dance as ways to spread the gospel while engaging all of our members.

Singers: Rehoboth has numerous singing groups that have an open door policy to anyone who desires to sing.These include the youth, children's, men's and women's and senior saints choirs. These choirs perform on a limited schedule for departmental functions. Membership on the Rehoboth Church Choir  and the Praise team is by audition and approval only. 

Dancers: So you want to praise dance? Great! You are joining hundreds of thousands of Christians who are dedicated to dancing for the Lord. The best candidates for the Praise Dance ministry are those who are physically fit, have good rhythm, and enjoy using their entire body for  expression.

Mimes:  Pantomime  is the art of using movement, music and mimicking as an expression of worship and as a tool to portray the gospel. Mime interprets gospel music, using illustrations and non-verbal methods.  The unique signature of mime is white painted face,  black clothing  and white gloves. 


Actors: Rehoboth creates many opportunities to portray truth by acting out Biblical and current day scenarios. The ability to convincingly interpret the movements, expressions, and feelngs of a printed script is essential for this ministry. Male and female actors of all ages are encouraged to participate.

Instrumentalists: Those who play musical instruments are selected based on their ability and experience with many genres of music including gospel, anthems and hymns. Rehoboth musicians are dedicated to enhancing the worship experience while remaining sensitive to the move of the Spirit.