Rehoboth Ministries

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.

The Worship Service Ministries are those that contribute directly to the worship experience. The team members are active during worship services and work together with a focus on the vision of the pastor and the needs of the worshippers. 
The Christian Growth ministries are those whose primary responsibility is to ensure that members are nurtured to full Christian maturity.  Through these departments and ministries members receive instruction and support for maximum growth.

The Caring Ministries assist in making creating a feeling of “family” among the members. The team members use various methods for connecting, staying in touch, and supporting members as needed.


Evangelism and outreach ministries focus on the individuals and communities outside the church.  The team members are committed to sharing the gospel and providing assistance to others.
The Helps ministries are attentive to the needs that make it possible for the church to function. The Help ministries are not spiritual in nature, but the responsibilities are essential to the spiritual well-being of the members.